Topless Male Waiters Brisbane

A Cheeky 5-Star Experience

Why hire Aus Topless Waiters?

You are the city that sure knows how to throw a party! And we know that you get why it’s important to hire the best for any event. So, if you’re in need of the best topless waiters in Brisbane, then look no further. Our topless waiters are friendly, hot, fun, reliable and above all; know how to make your next event perfect. As well as supplying entertainment, they can also run parts of the night by co-ordinating games, mixing drinks and taking photos. They also excel in getting shyer guests to come out of their shell. Because it’s important that everyone, and we mean everyone, has fun, no matter if you’re throwing a Hens party, Girls night or birthday celebration.

We currently service the Brisbane CBD and the surrounding suburbs of Kangaroo Point, The Valley, West End, Sunnybank and Southbank. With that said, we can come out to further suburbs for a small travel allowance.

We can discuss all of that later. You want to know more about the guys right?

We have a gallery of images from just some of the events our male topless waiters have attended over the years, all of whom are hand-picked by our founder, Ben, based on their social skills and professionalism. While we can’t ensure your favourites will be available, we recommend getting in touch quickly to increase your odds.

Clothing options include long black dress pants and a bow tie (no shirt of course). Or our male strippers can dial it up to underwear, g-string or even just an apron (AKA the Butler in The Buff option) for extra depending whether your event is M-rated (M for mellow) or more along the lines of an R-rated cheeky Hens night.

FAQs for hiring our Topless Waiters

Have you got questions that we haven’t answered below? Head on over to our complete FAQ page where you can find a list to all our Hens Party & topless waiter frequently asked questions.

How many waiters should I book?

We suggest one waiter to every 10 guests, to ensure everyone gets plenty of face-time and so that the waiter can keep up with everyone’s drinks. This is helpful as a guideline for all event types, not just a Hens Party.

What is the typical amount of time to book?

The waiters can be booked for a minimum of two hours. However, if you have games or activities you would like to run and you are not pressed for time, we recommend that three hours is the most comfortable amount of time to book, especially for something like a Hens party / bachelorette night.

Is there a maximum amount of time I can be hire for?

There is not really a maximum time, however, we can judge an appropriate hire time, depending on the event type. For example, an all-day cruise may require a waiter for eight hours and a custom event price for a Hens Boat party, Girls night or another festivity would need to be calculated for you.

Can I book a topless waiter as a surprise for a friend’s event?

Yes, but we have to make sure that when you book our topless waiter services, they are 100% going to be allowed to attend the event once they arrive. Make sure you know that there won’t be any guests at the event who may not let them in, or that the club/venue may not allow a Hens Party to have the male entertainers even get through the front door!

Can you provide some Hens party ideas for the perfect Hens night?

Yep, simply read the “How to plan the perfect Hens Party” article which was written by the founder of Aus Topless Waiters, “Ben”, who is still a waiter himself and has over 10 years’ experience. There, you’ll find some great Hens party ideas to make your planning process easy and foolproof. Or you can give us a call for a chat on 0431328113.

Looking to party on?

And if you’re looking for a bigger night, below are some of our favourite clubs in the Brisbane area. All of these venues are always more than happy to welcome hens party groups.

The BeatGay Mixed Nightclub – Free entry before 10pm – $10+ After
The FamilyNightclub – Get me on the guest list
The MetNightclub – Get me on the guest list
The GPONightclub – Get me on the guest list
CloudlandRestaurant & Nightclub – Free Entry Some nights
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If you’re visiting Brisbane from interstate we also recommend checking with the Brisbane City Council website to ensure there isn’t any big events on during your stay.