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Do you have questions about hiring topless waiters?

Are you planning a Hens, a birthday party, or a celebration for your friends and are after topless waiters?

We have a dedicated roster of social and professional guys who live to entertain.  We cater to most of the major cities on the east coast of Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.

Our FAQs

Below you will find the answer to some common questions we encounter. If your query is not on the list please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is it cheaper to hire more than one topless waiter?

Due the nature of the work, the waiters are paid on an individual basis and are given a particular hourly rate. However, that rate is reduced depending on how long you book for. If the waiters are required to travel for an event, we are typically able to offer a reduced travel fee based on the waiters sharing transport.

What are the waiters’ main tasks at an event?

The guys will serve all of your food and drinks, get involved in the event, host party games, mingle with guests and pose for as many photos as you can smile for. They are there to help run the party!

Can the waiter also perform a strip show?

Some of the waiters also have a strip routine and may be able to perform at the event. However, we cannot guarantee that your waiter has a routine, so if you want a stripper, please ask and we will check for you.

Is a deposit required to make a booking?

Yes, we do require a deposit when taking a booking. It is typically around 50% of the total hire fee to secure the waiter

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, we do have a cancellation policy, which can be found at this link. However, we always like to be a lenient as we can, and will judge any unfortunate last-minute cancellations on a case by case basis.

What do the waiters wear?

Our waiters’ main attire consists of: long black pants, a bow tie, and of course no shirt for a classy but sexy look. That said, requests can be made for the waiter to wear underwear, an apron or a g-string for extra.

How many waiters should I book?

We suggest one waiter to every 10 guests, to ensure everyone gets plenty of face-time and so that the waiter can keep up with everyone’s drinks.

What is the typical amount of time to book a waiter?

The waiters can be booked for a minimum of two hours. However, if you have games or activities you would like to run and you are not pressed for time, we recommend three hours, for the most comfortable amount of time.

Is there a maximum amount of time the waiters can be hired for?

There’s not really a maximum time, however we can judge an appropriate hire time, depending on the event type. For example, an all day cruise may require a waiter for eight hours and a custom event price would need to be worked out for you.

Do the waiters know how to mix cocktails?

The waiters are happy to make cocktails; we just request that you print off a method list for the particular cocktails you would like them to make, so they can familiarise themselves with the recipe beforehand.

Are photos with the waiters allowed?

Yes definitely, in fact we encourage you to take as many as you like.The waiters are not camera shy and would love you to ask them for a photo. They want you in theirs. So please don’t be shy or run away when your friend asks you to join in on a selfie! The more random poses and funny faces pulled, the better! The waiters love trying to create memorable photos with the group and will do their best to spice them up!

How do we make a booking?

The booking process is quite simple. Simply send an enquiry to Aus Topless, using the contact form on the website, or using our email address can also call us and have a quick chat to help with suggestions on how to plan the night. Just let us know the preferred date and times of your booking and the city you are booking the waiter in. We will then be able to confirm availability and start the booking process. Once availability is confirmed, we simply take a holding deposit with the balance then payable to the waiter/s on the night

Are the waiters able to travel to suburbs outside the main CBD?

Yes, we can organise for the waiters to travel to locations outside the main serviced areas. We judge the location on a case by case basis, but a small travel allowance or minimum number of hours booked may be required. Please just ask us if you’re not sure and we’ll be happy to check for you.

Can I book a waiter as a surprise for a friend’s event?

Yes, but we have to make sure that the waiter is going to be allowed to attend once he turns up. Make sure you know that there won’t be any guests at the event who may not let the waiter in!

Do you do packages with other companies?

Yes! We certainly do. You can find more information out about our partnerships here.

Can the crowd be a mixed event or a gay event?

Yes, the waiters regularly attend mixed and gay events. Please just let us know beforehand, so that we can brief the waiter on the type of event he will be attending.

Can you help make suggestions on how to plan the Hens night?

Definitely, you can either give us a call or just simply read the “How to plan the perfect Hens” article which was written by the founder of Aus Topless Waiters, Ben, who is still a waiter himself and has over 10 years’ experience attending Hens parties and other events.

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